The Art of Graphic Design

From advertising flyers to social media, you need visual content that will help your brand pop out from the competition. Research has shown that people better respond to visuals. With the creative graphic designs by Paradigm Pathways, you will not only catch the eye potential customers, you will get them interested in what you are trying to sell.

Powerful Branding Ideation and Creation

Whether you’re an established or just getting started, our design team can help. Paradigm Pathways can help new brands develop a logo and other original visual content that will communicate the overall energy and message of the business. We can assist existing brands in evolving their image by re-designing their logo and other visual branding materials.

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Promotional Items

  • Pens
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Flyers and Postcards

A lot of advertising is digital these days, but that doesn’t mean old-fashioned postcard and flyer campaigns can’t be an effective marketing tool. If you need car flyers or postcards to mail to your target audience, we can help design something that will have a real impact.

Business Cards

Despite the digital revolution, business cards are still a staple for any company. You need cards that let your client base know how to contact the manager and owner of the company, and depending on the nature of your field, you might also need individualized business cards for some of your employees and associates. No matter what type of cards you need, we can help create a design that will match the energy of your brand.

Advertisements and Banners

You might need large signs or banners to display at trade shows, fairs, and other community events. If your establishment has a physical location, you also might want to utilize signs for the outside. A good graphic designer will know how to adjust your logo and other branding images from small to large scale. Our team of talented designers has experience working with signs and banners of all sizes and varieties.

When you have a special offer, you may want to advertise in a magazine, local paper, or online ad. You tell us about the special you’re offering, and we’ll figure out how to best display that offer in a way that will catch a potential customer’s eye.

Social Media

This is perhaps one of the most important places a brand can have a presence in the modern age. You can plaster flyers around town, you can hand out business cards, and you can engage with the local community, but without a strong presence on social media, you won’t likely go very far.

Part of a strong presence is branding. You need your logo and other branding materials to be easily recognizable, or your marketing efforts may go to waste. For example, if you have a flyer that you put up at your local grocery store, and it shows your logo, potential clients need to be able to recognize that logo when they go online to explore your social media.

A good graphic designer will create a logo and design that will work across a variety of formats. The logo should also work in both color and black and white, especially if you want to make use of flyers. Many flyers are printed in black and white.

Understanding Multi-Media Design

Multimedia design is one of those catchall phrases that are used to describe the growing combination of websites, film, and video in the world of graphic design.  Multimedia design requires many different talents and skills.  It is rare to find one person who is entirely responsible for a multimedia rich design.  This is because multimedia often requires the eyes and ears and hands of many different designers.  Multimedia design is both complex and fundamental.  It seeks to organize and provide information to those who seek it in new and enriched ways.

Just like traditional print media, multimedia design allows you to exercise your own style.  Some websites are heavily informational, with streaming media clips, photos, bulletin board to and much more.  As a multimedia designer, you will find you will be constantly challenged to develop interfaces that are both esthetically pleasing and practical.

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Eclectic Graphic Design

Modern technology has created a wide variety of opportunities in the world of design. There are now more ways to approach branding and get creative with the entire process. Our team is ready and waiting to throw our creative energy into improving your brand’s design theme. Contact us today to learn more about how visuals can help improve the status of your brand.

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